Fun ways to announce on July 4th?

Fun ways to announce on July 4th?


i saw a cute onesie that said red white and due in jan 2022! you can also maybe do it on a letter board with some sparklers?


We are announcing on the fourth and are going to wear shirts I got off etsy that say "Happy Fourth of July! Also, I'm/she's pregnant " (one for my husband and I) and we are going to make an announcement on socials saying we've been keeping an explosive secret... got the idea of pinterest! Best of luck!!


My brother sister in law announced on July 4th a few years ago. They announced it privately to nuclear family before all of our extended family arrived. And then when the extended family arrived, she sported a red, white and due shirt. It was sweet. Everyone that greeted her as they came in was so excited!


Could you do a banner or poster as part of the decor? That way people could see it as a whole message without missing the chance to read it on a cake before it's cut. You could put a cute rhyme or something like: "Celebrating red, white, and blue. .. and a new baby too!" or "Stars and stripes... and baby wipes"? I know there are a lot of fire activities associated with the 4th, but I'm hesitant with those after the bad press around gender reveals that have gone wrong.


How about pink and blue cupcakes? There'd be a little suspense until people put two and two together, but you could scatter and deliver or place in a few places to reach more at once. If it is legal where you are, pink and blue sparklers could be fun


I like this! I just found some little onesie cupcake toppers on Amazon that I could put on the cupcakes 🥰


That's a fun idea! I like it. Everyone will be so excited!